Our Director

Meet Our Interim Director Tracey Larder


Tracey has been in love with music ever since she can remember. She is a graduate from McGill University in music with her major in composition. She plays several instruments, and has performed in many different ensembles, small groups, orchestras, quartets and choirs. She accidentally bumped into the Barbershop world about 12 years ago, and quickly added it to the list of her many favourite genres of music. “I thought barbershop music was full of red and white pinstriped suits, with twirly-moustached men! What a surprise to find women singing it, and what a wonderful sound!!! No striped suits and THANK GOD no moustaches!”

Tracey has embraced 4-part harmony acappella to its fullest. She has arranged music for the chorus, can use her creativity to envision a show, and still has time to sing in a sister chorus, Canadian Showtime Chorus in Ottawa and in quartets, currently Continental Crush.